The Terry Delaney Memorial Award is a special award reserved for professionals in the transportation industry, but who have also played a key role in the Windsor Transportation Club.

2023 – Cheryl Hallman

This year’s award winner has achieved both of those with excellence.  Cheryl Hallman has been a member of the WTC board and executive board for decades.  She has served in various positions included Treasurer and President.  After news of a new grandchild, Cheryl decided to retire from the board.  And although we are tremendous excited for Cheryl and her new grand parent adventures, her leadership and organization on the board is heavily missed.

2004 – Debbie Dent

2000 – James D. Pollock

1999 – Harrison Waugh

1996 – Irene Aitken

1996 – Gary P. Smith

1990 – Wallace Labutte

1989 – Fred Donaldson

1985 – Charles Ouellette

1983 – Mike McCourt

1983 – Phil Hebert