Windsor Transportation Club proudly offers and supports financially the Windsor Transportation Club Membership Award.


2023 Kyla Anscombe, Kyle Parent, Alexa O’Hara

Alexa is attending Kings University College in London pursuing her undergraduate degree in social sciences.  She is planning on pursuing a carrier in social work and child welfare to help kids in need. Alexa is the daughter of Corporate and Board Member Keyr O’Hara of Penske.  Alexa O’Hara is the recipient of a $2,000 WTC Member’s Award, please join me in congratulating her.      

Kylie is in her third year at the University of Windsor. She is a hard working and dedicated student pursuing her Bachelor of Commerce Degree at the Odette School of Business with a specialization in Human Resources.  She is looking to pursue a career as a certified HR professional.  Kylie is the daughter of Corporate and Board Member Mike Parent of Carrier Centres. Kylie Parent is the recipient of a $2,000 WTC Member’s Award, please join us in congratulating her.      

Kyla is a grade 12 student from Cardinal Carter Catholic Secondary School who will be starting her degree in Human Kinetics-Movement in September at the University of Windsor.  She plans to become a physiotherapist and help individuals recover from injury.  Kyla’s father is a truck driver with Corporate Member WR Barry Ltd. Kyla Anscombe is the recipient of a $1,000 WTC Member’s Award, please join us in congratulating her.   

2022 – Sascha Bake & Emily Tuncertan

Meet our WTC members award scholarship winner, Sascha!
“Hello, my name is Sascha Batke, and I am a grade 12 student at Kingsville District High School. I am beyond thrilled to have been awarded this scholarship, as it will help immensely in helping me to pursue my dream to become a French teacher. When I graduate in June, I plan to attend the University of Windsor in the Concurrent Education program, with French as a second language. I will be enrolled in the Intermediate/Senior program, which allows me to teach grades 7-12, and I plan to major in French with a minor in math. I have many passions in life, from sports to music. I was exposed to the world of athletics at a very early age, and over the years have played many sports: basketball, volleyball, badminton, track and field, and softball. I was member of each of these teams at my high school, as well as a member of the Windsor Valiants Travel Basketball team, and a member of my community house league girls’ softball during the summer. Other than sports, I enjoy being the chairperson of the Cavs Care Charity group at KDHS. The Cavs Care Charity group is an organization created by students and teachers at my school that raises money to provide clean water for Indigenous communities in Canada; this is an issue I am very passionate about. In addition to being involved in the Cavs Care group, I am involved in many different aspects of my high school: Minister of Publicity on Student Council, member of GECDSB Student Senate, played the bass clarinet in the KDHS Instrumental Band, and sports teams, all while maintaining a 97% average.
To earn money towards my post-secondary education, I work part-time at Ives Insurance Broker Ltd., and in the summer, teach swimming lessons right in my backyard. I have worked as a technical service representative at Ives Insurance (since 2020) alongside my father, James Batke, who is the CFO at Ives since 2004, the year I was born. I am also self-employed, as I teach young kids swimming lessons from June to September. This job has played a very important role in helping me develop skills I will need for my future career in teaching, such as lesson planning, class management, instructional strategies, etc. Thank you to the Windsor Transportation Club for providing a scholarship to help students pursue their dream careers, I am truly grateful!”

Meet our WTC members award scholarship winner, Emily!
Hi, my name is Emily Aylin Tuncertan, this year, I will be graduating from The Oakville Trafalgar High School with a French Immersion diploma. During my high school years, I have completed a co-op program at a Physiotherapy clinic. I also worked part-time as a caregiver to an 18 month old baby. Now, I am on the cusp of embarking on a new chapter in my life. I have always had a great passion for all sports but my love for gymnastics was immeasurable. After over seven years of dedication to the sport, at age 13, things suddenly changed during the practice when I suffered severe whiplash and concussion. The accident left me struggling to recover for years and spending countless hours at physiotherapy clinics and interacting with health care specialists. In hindsight, this accident shaped my future, uncovering my passion for the study of kinesiology and the practice of physiotherapy. My rehabilitation experience was incredibly motivational for me. Going through recovery left me feeling profoundly grateful towards the therapists, inspiring me to give back to patients the type of attention, care, and skill that I had received. As a result, I began planning my future with this goal at the forefront. I currently devote my spare time educating myself on the human body through literature, podcasts, and videos on human anatomy and physiology. I truly am deeply grateful for the generous funds granted to me by the Windsor Transportation Club

  • 2021 – Emily Tuncertan
  • 2021 – Sascha Batke (Daughter of James Batke – Ives Insurance)
  • 2020 – Grace Hudvanger (Myers Towing)
  • 2019 – Andrew Williams (Son of Tom Williams)
  • 2018 – Alyssa Baker (Daughter of John Baker)
  • 2017 – No Winner
  • 2016 – Katelyn McPherson (Daughter of Stephanie McPherson)
  • 1996 – Kathy Withington (Daughter of Jim Withington)
  • 2015 – Zachary Zchering (Grandson of DJ Whelan)
  • 2014 – Morgan Zimmerman (Granddaughter of Wayne Wilson)
  • 2013 – Sean Boyle (Grandson of Dan Whelan) and Steve Ondejko Jr. (Son of Steve Ondjeko Sr.)
  • 2012 – Jenna John (Daughter of Mike John)
  • 2011 – Paige Labutte (Granddaughter of Wally Labute)
  • 2010 – Lauren Paige Renaud (Granddaughter of Phil Hebert)
  • 2009 – Jacob McCourt (Son of Jack McCourt)
  • 2008 – Jackie Dent (Granddaughter of Jim Dent)
  • 2007 – Allison LaBute (Granddaughter of Wally LaBute)
  • 2006 – Bernard James Gorski (Son of Bernard Gorski)
  • 2005 – Julie Donaldson (Granddaughter of Fred Donaldson)
  • 2004 – Ashley Hallman (Daughter of Cheryl Hallman)
  • 2003 – Garrett Mosey (Grandson of Lyle Mosey)
  • 2002 – Kristyn Dana Donaldson (Granddaughter of Fred Donaldson)
  • 2001 – Kristen Ziriada (Daughter of Randi Ziriada)
  • 2000 – Julie Cornwall (Daughter of Wayne Cornwall)
  • 1999 – James Withington Jr. (Son of Jim Withington)
  • 1998 – Kelsi Rousseau (Granddaughter of Jim Dent)
  • 1998 – Kristen Joose (Granddaughter of Arthur Joose)
  • 1997 – Marianne Dent (Granddaughter of Jim Dent)
  • 1996 – Jeff Meloche (Grandson of Roy Meloche)
  • 1995 – Jennifer Urquhart (Daughter of Wayne Urquhart)
  • 1994 – Jenny Ball (Daughter of Brigitte Ball)
  • 1993 – No Award
  • 1992 – Doug Brink (Son of John Brink)
  • 1991 – Braden Dent (Grandson of Jim Dent)
  • 1990 – Kelly Ann Bannon (Daughter of Larry Bannon)