2023 – Stan Myers

2022 – Angelo Pernasilici

Angelo Pernasilici got his first taste of the industry as a young child in a small suburb of Montreal. After procuring a wagon, he would stand outside the local grocery store and offer his cartage services to patrons with full hands, in hopes of tips. Over the years, his interest in the transportation industry remained. Laser Transport was founded May 24th, 1985 when Angelo purchased a used Louisville day cab and a set of trains. Some recall Angelo’s early days fondly, “I remember seeing Angelo every day on the docks. Overalls, no shirt, a bandana to keep the sweat of his brow and just hustling”. The business grew slowly but steadily over the years to become one of the industry’s most recognizable brands. Angelo’s theories are simple but sound. Integrity and family over all other things. The strength of a company is in its people. Treat everyone fairly, pay them well and afford them the lifestyle they desire. Becoming an employer of choice will ultimately make you a supplier of choice. What is not obvious from the outside, and often overlooked is the sacrifices made for others throughout this journey. In the recession of 2008 Angelo parked company trucks to allow owner operators the opportunity to keep working. Doing so was not the most profitable decision, but it ensured that every family within the company had enough to make ends meet and weather the storm. At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, with volumes greatly reduced Angelo graciously agreed to run trucks pro bono in order to transport hand sanitizer and supplies to local hospitals. Angelo has been named a University of Windsor Pillar of the Community and is a Hand in Hand Award winner for his longstanding support of hospice.