November 17, 2022

Location: The Windsor Club, 2072 Riverside Drive East Building 25, Windsor, Ontario, CA, N8Y 4S5

  • 5:30 Pm Cocktails
  • 6:15 Pm Key Note Speakers – Stephen MacKenzie (Invest WindsorEssex) & Bryce Phillips (WDBA)
  • 7:00 Pm Dinner Served
  • Email: eve[email protected] for ticket payment information

” Local Progress and Development – A look at the future of Windsor Essex” 

In the coming years our region will experience significant growth.  The announcements  from The GHIB, Stellantis, LG and Magna will re-shape and reinvigorate our local economy.  As a club, The WTC is focused on ensuring that local businesses (new and old) have the proper logistics and infrastructure tools at their disposal to succeed.  

Windsor-Essex has always had a natural geographic advantage when it comes to logistics.  Moving forward, the success of local manufacturing will increasingly depend on each firms ability to manage, optimize and defend their supply chain.  

Our goal is to canvas as many local companies as possible and aggregate a list of their needs (current and future).  Once complete, these needs will be evaluated against the region’s current capacity and a go-forward plan developed.  

We have assembled a group of stakeholders including folks from the WTC, Port Windsor, local carriers, warehousemen, manufacturers and shippers.  With your assistance and participation, we will develop a comprehensive plan to ensure that our area evolves to its fullest potential.  With little time commitment, the initiative allows the opportunity  for representatives from a broad spectrum of industries to have their voices heard.